We are excited about this new feature allowing you to give through your phone. Here’s how it works:

  • Text the amount you would like to donate to 417-233-1200. For  example, text 100 to 417-233-1200 if you want to donate $100.
  • Enter your donation information by clicking on the giving link you  receive in the reply text. You can setup recurring gifts at this step.
  • Check your email and follow the steps provided to verify your  text-to-give account.
  • Continue giving by texting the dollar amount to 417-233-1200. All  subsequent donations will be processed automatically without  further information needed.

Designated gifts

You can give designated gifts by including keywords with your gift amount: 100 Benevolence to give to our benevolence fund, 100 GO to give to global outreach or 100 Generous to give to The Generous Project.


You can now register for certain events through your phone:

  • Text the event keyword to 417-233-1200. For example, text  BELIEVE to 417-233-1200 to register your student for the Believe  Conference.
  • Click the link you receive in reply to access the registration form  and complete the form. Press Add Another Person or Continue to complete your registration.
  • Enter your payment information, if applicable. Complete  additional forms, if required for the event.

You will receive a confirmation email and text once your registration is complete.

Make texting easy by saving 417-233-1200 as the contact NCC Text in your phone!