September 5, 2021

Why Do You Judge?

Why Do You Judge?

Sermon notes

Jesus didn’t ask questions looking for a correct answer, he asked questions looking for a changed answerer.

Matthew 7:1-5

One meaning of the word judgment is to discern or to evaluate.

Second meaning is to condemn or pass final judgement on.

“I’m beginning to believe that the degree to which we are willing to own our own particular sin is the degree to which we actually believe in grace…Let your confession of your sin be as full and unconditional as you profess the grace of God to be.” – Hannah Anderson

It’s first taking care of my own sin, removing my own biases, my own prejudice, my own hypocrisy, so that I can humbly approach you and talk about yours.

Forms of judgmental attitudes:

  • Wrong verdict
  • Wrong timing
  • Wrong motivation