October 24, 2021

Who Do You Say I Am?

Who Do You Say I Am?

Sermon notes

William MacDonald wrote this:
“To the average person he was one among many. Good but not the best. Great but not the greatest. A prophet but not the prophet. This view would never do.”

Peter = Petros (little stone)
Rock = Petra (large boulder)

If all God wanted us to have was knowledge, He would have sent a book.  But He wanted a relationship, so He sent a person.

Let Jesus Take You Deeper.

3 Ways Jesus Takes Us Deeper

  • His Word.
  • His Spirit.
  • His People.

The nature of discipleship is the next step.

Embrace the Cross; Engage the World

Unless a believer denies himself and takes up his cross, he is not on the same road, he’s not even headed in the same direction Jesus took. – Complete Biblical Library