October 16, 2022

We Will Make Disciples

We Will Make Disciples

Sermon notes

Mark 4

I will cast gospel seeds liberally wherever (I don’t even have to know the types of soil), because I trust the process Jesus established.  I will cast a net into waters that don’t make sense to me that have not produced in my past but I will cast that net because he said so and I will trust him. – Corey Scott

We will make disciples.

Acts 13 and 14

There is a difference between traditional ministry and disciple making movements.

Traditional ministry is a few people doing all the work some of the time. Movement is a lot of people doing a little bit of the work all the time.

Disciple making movement is obedience-based discipleship that sees disciples reproducing disciples, leaders reproducing leaders, churches reproducing churches and movements reproducing movements.

…they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them! Acts 14:27