June 26, 2022

Time’s Running Out

Time’s Running Out

Sermon notes

Jeremiah 18

Warning: Clay can be repaired when wet, but once dried, a marred vessel is only fit for the garbage heap. Time’s running out.

Never assume you are in a safe place while living in disobedience.

Important reminders about judgment:

  1. Every one of us will face God’s judgment.
  2. God’s judgment will focus on deeds.
  3. A heart filled with repentance will deal honestly with sin.

Revelation suggests two stages through which we all will pass at the final judgment.

  1. Judgment according to “the books”  (book based on deeds)
  2. Judgment according to the book of life (v12)

The books of deeds is not the final determination of each person’s fate.  The final determination of each person’s fate is based on the Lamb’s book of life.

So what does this mean for me today?
  • This means the fact that you are hearing God’s message means the clay is still wet, there is still time time to submit to the potter’s forming process.
  • Quit living a hurried life and hurry to Jesus.
  • Don’t procrastinate repentance.
  • God has been patient with you not wanting you to perish.