February 18, 2024

Thought Missiles

Thought Missiles

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God created neural pathways to be a good thing.

Because of sin, neural pathways can also be a bad thing.

Genesis 6:5

Psalm 10:4

Matthew 9:4

Ephesians 2:3

We are bombarded by 500 unintentional intrusive thoughts every day that we did not choose.

A trench of truth can form a new neural pathway that gets us out of the rut:

  • A rut is typically formed in mud and becomes a nuisance, even a danger. A rut is unintentionally created, has no purpose, and requires repair.
  • A trench is intentionally dug to deliver a necessary resource. A trench has a specific purpose and fixes an existing problem.

The antidote for a negative neural pathway rooted in lies is a new neural pathway rooted in truth.

The replacement principle: replace old neural pathways by internalizing the truth of God’s Word.

Psalm 119:9-16, 43

The way to internalize truth is to recount and meditate on God’s Word.

Rewire neural pathways by declaring the truth.

Declaration: When I am stressed or in times of distress, I turn to God, not food. I come to Jesus because he is what I really need. He is my strength, my fortress and my refuge.

Declaration: Lust is not my master. God has redeemed me and given me pure thoughts. I will not look lustfully, because I’ve made that Covenant with my eyes and with my God, who strengthens me God is always faithful and when I am tempted, will always provide a way out.

Replace old neural pathways by internalizing the truth of God’s word.

Rewire new neural pathway by declaring the Truth.

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Scripture: Psalm 119:10-11

Practice: Revisit the Lie/Truth/Declaration exercise.

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