January 11, 2024

The Father of Lies

The Father of Lies

Sermon notes

The Devil’s strategy

  • Deceptive ideas – the Devil
  • Play to disordered desires – the flesh
  • Normalized in a sinful society – the world

John 8:31-47

The Devil’s primary means to spread ruin in our souls and society is LIES!

How Satan brought about Eve’s fall

  • Isolation
  • Lies

It is by spirit and truth that we’re transformed into the image of Jesus, but the reciprocal is also true. It’s by isolation and lies that we’re deformed into the image of the devil.

The goal of temptation is do two things:

  • To seize autonomy from God
  • To redefine good and evil based on the voice in our heads and the inclination of our hearts rather than trust in the loving word of God

While the church is not an ethnic minority – we are at what sociologists call a cognitive minority.

The devil is not just a liar; he’s a really good liar.

  • The most effective lies are the ones that are mostly true.
  • The next most effective lies are those that are true but not the whole truth.

The life we have is a reflection of the thoughts we think. What we think determines who we become.

Live No Lies Resources

Scripture to memorize: John 8:42

Practice: Set an alarm each day – label is Live No Lies – to ask God this question:  God, What truth might I be resisting from you and what lies might I be believing from the evil one?

Access the Scripture memorization graphics, practice details and more at the Live No Lies Resources section.

Children’s Resources

If you joined online today due to the weather, you can facilitate worship with your kids this morning with these resources from N’Side Kids: