September 3, 2022

Serve the End Goal

Serve the End Goal

Sermon notes

A better image of the Christian life of discipleship is that of a pathway. Through the story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, you will find three themes: power, partnership, and promise.

Matthew 28

Ed Stetzer wrote, “The Great Commission is great because the One who gave it to us is great.”

Power is revealed as we yield to Jesus authority. Authority is meant to activate.

Partnership – align with Jesus’ mission.

Partnership is revealed when we “Go.”

Wherever the people were, Jesus went. The Church was meant to be a dynamic movement, not a dying monument.

Partnership is revealed when we “make disciples.”

If we are not involved somehow in the process of making disciples, we are not disciples.

Whatever your part in the Body of Christ, how can you leverage it to see that lost people become disciples who can make disciples?

The nature of discipleship is your next step.

Partnership is revealed when we “Baptize” and “Teach.”

In Jesus’ day, to learn implied both knowledge and obedience.

Promise – trust Jesus’ vision of the end.