May 23, 2024

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John 17:11-12 CSB

Jesus is calling these disciples to be unified in truth.

John 17:13 CSB

One true mark of a follower of Jesus is a life of joy in spite of circumstances.

The purpose of faith isn’t to secure wealth and health but to remind ourselves that in Jesus Christ, God has already given us everything – Bob Kauflin (True Worshipers)

2 Timothy 1:12 NLT

We will be a people suffering, striving, struggling alongside every other soul, yet filled with the complete joy of Christ.

John 17:17-19

Sanctification is “looking more like Jesus everyday after the first day.”

We are sanctified in 2 ways: set aside by the word and set aside from the world.

John 17:14-16

In some conservative traditions, transformation is about getting the right theology in one’s head while overlooking the inner work God wants to do. [Yet], in some progressive traditions, transformation is about right action and engagement within the world but often at the expense of personal humility and mercy. – Rich Villodas (The Deeply Formed Life)