March 12, 2023

One Expression at a Time

One Expression at a Time

Sermon notes

John 8

This story may not be in the original text, but that does not mean this story is not historical.
We show love to others not for what they have done (their works) but for who they are (His works).

John 3:16-17

Romans 5:8

We need to drop the rocks. We’ve been throwing rocks with our glances, words, insinuations. We need to drop the rocks so our hands are open to love people and help people to Jesus.

Jesus used his position of sinlessness not to condemn but to offer grace.

We must live and love the way Jesus did. From Jesus, we learn there’s a difference between acceptance and agreement.

Jesus followers must love people no matter what (that’s acceptance).

But they don’t have to agree with their choices, affirm their theology or approve of their convictions (that’s agreement).

When you encounter someone difficult, disruptive or determined to sin, shift your emotion from anger to sadness, which will help you to have compassion for the person and pray for (with) them.