December 12, 2021

Mary Did you Know?

Mary Did you Know?

Sermon notes

In our quest to answer the question what did Mary know about Jesus, we will come to know more about Jesus. And that’s what Christmas is all about – knowing Jesus.

What did Mary know about Jesus?

  1. Mary knew what the angel Gabriel said about Jesus.
  2. Mary knew what Her relative Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, said about Jesus.
  3. Mary knew what the Old Testament Scriptures said about Jesus.
  4. Mary knew what the shepherds said about Jesus.
  5. Mary knew what Simeon said about Jesus.
  6. Mary knew what Anna, the prophet said about Jesus.
  7. Mary knew who Jesus claimed to be.
  8. Mary knew Jesus was a miracle worker.

Christmyth:  God has not revealed himself in a specific way to you so that you can personally know him.

God has revealed himself through the following 3 ways.

  1. The World He has created.
  2. The Word He has inspired
  3. Jesus Christ He sent and exalted.