March 10, 2024

Look Through Not At

Look Through Not At

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Psalm 103 is for you, wherever you are in life’s ups and downs.\

Robert Frost: “Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.”

Maya Angelou: “Poetry helps my soul escape its encasement.”

Around one third of the Bible is written in the poetic genre.

Poetry, like Psalm 103, invites us to experience and then look through that experience with the practice of remembering.

Psalm 103:1-5

Communion is a time we remember our commitment to Christ in our community.

Psalm 22:27-28

Psalm 103:14-16

John Mark Comer: “When we say that God is faithful, we don’t mean you’ll never experience suffering. A lot of people—in particular, Americans—misinterpret God’s faithfulness to mean some kind of promise to give us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So when tragedy strikes or the economy goes south or the child tests positive or we don’t find a spouse by thirty, we think God is unfaithful.”

Psalm 103 helps me to remember anyway.

Psalm 103:11-12, 19

Remember to praise God for what He’s done.

Remember to feel / acknowledge my humanity and feelings.

Remember the future that is coming is GOOD.

When we can express all of what we remember in Psalm 103, we actually live out that the Lord has established his throne in heaven and is ruling over all.

The Bible Project: “The Psalms teach us to neither ignore our pain nor let it determine the meaning of our lives. Biblical faith and prayer is always forward-looking, anticipating the day when God fulfills his promises and praising him for this ahead of time.”.

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ScripturePsalm 103:1-5

Practice: Reflect on hardships in your life and how God worked through those situations. How is God forgiving, healing, redeeming, crowning, satisfying and giving good things to you?

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