April 11, 2021

Jesus is Worth Seeking

Jesus is Worth Seeking

Sermon notes

Hebrews 11

Notice that there are two ways that they suffered.

  • One was directly by a “great conflict of sufferings”
  • Standing side by side with people suffering and having their property confiscated.

They joyfully accepted the confiscation of their property. What? They knew they had a better and lasting possession.

How do you respond with Joy and perseverance to the hardships and persecutions in this life?

  • Think about the rewards of Christ over what this world has to offer
  • Endure hardship like you are in a great athletic contest.
    Faith is the confidence of things hoped for.  
    Faith is the assurance of what we do not see.
  • Remember your teammates who went before you.

It takes more faith to endure than it does to escape.

Pray and reflect:

  • What circumstances or obstacles hinder your pursuit of Jesus?
  • Think about the rewards of Christ over what this world offers
  • How is Jesus a better and lasting possession?
  • We are not just saved through faith, we must live by faith. How are you living by faith?
  • What are you learning from those men and women of faith who have gone before you? Will you have faith like theirs?