February 14, 2021

Jesus is Pioneer

Jesus is Pioneer

Sermon notes

You can trust that Jesus is the way of salvation based on 3 Witnesses:

  1. Jesus Himself announced salvation was through Him!
  2. The eyewitnesses said salvation was through Him.
  3. God Himself testified with Signs, miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit that salvation was through Jesus

We can trust Jesus is the way of salvation based on 3 pictures of Jesus

Jesus is our PIONEER

Through suffering Jesus was shaped, fashioned to perform his task of redemption. 

  • Because Jesus was God:  Suffering tested his will to be obedient and faithful.
  • Because Jesus was Man: Suffering joined him with humanity completely and empathetically.
  • God’s love does not protect us against suffering, but it protects us in all suffering

Jesus is our liberator.

Jesus is our merciful and faithful High Priest.