January 17, 2021

I Can’t Stop

I Can’t Stop

Jesus not only cleanses sinners. Jesus gives them the power to change.

Two aspects of God’s grace:

  1. Forgiving grace
  2. Transforming grace

Colossians 2:13-14

Romans 6:4

Transformation requires participation.

Believe Jesus’ grace to change you is stronger than sin’s power to destroy you!

You are under God’s transforming grace. You can be an instrument of righteousness.

Repentance unites forgiving grace and transforming grace.

When temptation comes, you need radical measures:

  • Repent immediately
  • Remember Scripture
  • Reach out for help
  • Radically eliminate your access to that which you can’t stop

Eliminating access gives you space in which to grow.

Greed perverts desire either in degree or in direction. Gratitude is the opposite of greed.

Lust steals joy. Gratitude fuels gladness.