April 16, 2023

Hope in the Face of Weariness

Hope in the Face of Weariness

Sermon notes

Psalm 6

Suffering in one area causes suffering in others!

Psalm 6 reveals how you can find hope in the face of weariness:

It’s good to lament your weariness.

We can’t envision a new reality without grieving the present. 

It’s good to identify the cause of your weariness.

1. Are you weary because of relentless hurry? Busyness?

Sabbath is coming for you, whether as delight or discipline!

2. Are you weary from the relentless pursuit of acceptance and approval?

3. Are you weary from the relentless circumstances happening to you?

It’s good to take your weariness to the Lord.

How did David recover his equilibrium

  • David’s transformation took place as the name of the Lord was spoken.

  • David’s transformation from anguished petition to joyful praise was a decisive choice rooted in faith.

Matthew 11:28-30

Hebrews 12:3

Solution to weariness: Come to Jesus and consider Jesus