June 18, 2023

Hope in the Face of Doubt, Part 2

Hope in the Face of Doubt, Part 2

Sermon notes

God invites you into a safe relationship that is not affected by your certainty. He is not afraid of your questions and doubts.

The healthiest and most biblical way to find hope in the face of doubt is not to avoid it but to walk through it.

“Peoples words doubting God have become God’s Word to doubting people.” Tim Mackie, the Bible Project

Psalm 73:1

Psalm 73:3-9

What is the source of my doubt?

Modern sources of doubt and deconstructions

  • Biblical illiteracy
  • The problem of evil
  • Politicized Christianity
  • Hypocrisy
  • Self-denial

Self-reflection is key to understanding where you might be putting your hope.

Psalm 73:13-14

Where else have I searched for answers?

We often search for answers in

  • Promises that God never made
  • Things that God would never do

Is it possible that I am wrong?

Psalm 73:21-22

“We morph from doing deconstruction to being deconstructors… A Christianity disproportionately centered on deconstruction creates a certain kind of Christian. When we’re constantly tearing down, we become destructive.”  AJ SWOBODA

Will I be content if God only answers with His presence?

Psalm 73:28

God is here right? God is right here.

Recommended resources –

  • After Doubt by AJ Swoboda
  • Death to Deconstruction by Josh Porter
  • Searching for Enough by Tyler Staton
  • Spiritual Depressions: It’s Causes and Cure by David Martin Lloyd-Jones