March 27, 2022

God’s Abandoned Us!

God’s Abandoned Us!

Sermon notes

Judges 6:4b-6

Judges 6:12b

Judges 6:13

He questions God’s fairness.

He questions God’s power.

He questions God’s faithfulness.

Judges 6:1

Natural consequences of their own sin

God’s discipline in their lives

Mesopotamians   8 years              Midianites      7 years

Moabites             18 years             Ammonites    18 years

Canaanites         20 years              Philistines     40 years

Judges 6:10

Judges 6:22

Judges 6:14

If love is the highest good in this universe, then surely betrayed love is the greatest evil.

Matthew 24:12-13

Judges 6:25b-26

Whatever strength you have is enough when God is with you and fighting for you.

What little you have to offer is much when God is in it.

Hebrews 11:34b

God sees you for who you are becoming, not for who you are today.

When you are empowered by God’s Holy Spirit you can become more than you thought you could be. You can become who you should be.

When we identify and destroy the false loves in our life, know that criticism will come.