July 5, 2020



Sermon notes

Acts 4:32-35

Generosity is contagious.

Myths about money

  • It all belongs to me. 

    It is impossible for blessings to flow from God through you, if you don’t believe it’s from him in the first place.
  • I just need a little more to be happy

    The pursuit of money is an endless game of levels. Stop playing.
  • I’ll give more when I have more to give

    Money just makes you more of what you already are.

This is not about the money. This is about the battle for the heart of God’s people.

Generosity is cheerfully letting go of blessings that were not yours to grip in the first place.

“God doesn’t need your money, but he knows your money has your heart. He wants your heart, so he’s asking you to let go of your money.” – Aaron Brockett