December 27, 2020

Get Out of the Expectations Box

Get Out of the Expectations Box

Sermon notes

Three unexpected things in the Christmas story:

Unexpected manger
God had a different plan because God had a purpose.

Unexpected visitors
God’s purpose was YOU!

Unexpected response
These angels did what they knew to do…they worshipped!

In fact, a lot of the things we worship won’t sustain us.
-We are counting on our education to deliver us
-We are hoping our marriage will fulfill us
-We are depending on our body to sustain us
-We are praying our retirement will carry us

All of these things are good, but when we make good things the ultimate things, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

As we go into 2021 let’s do what the angels and the shepherds did. Let’s worship God by making a big deal about Jesus!

Family Guide

Here are some ways to discuss today’s sermon as a family.  

Before the sermon:

  • Did you get any gift at Christmas that was unexpected?  If so, what was it? 
  • Was it a good kind of unexpected? (Something you really wanted)
  • Was it a not-so-good kind of unexpected gift? (Such as a lump of coal)

During the sermon:

See if while you listen to the sermon you can answer these questions or talk about them after the sermon as a family to see what you can remember.

  • While you are What was the unexpected gift that John opened at the beginning of the sermon?
  • What are some unexpected things that were mentioned about the first Christmas story?
  • Which staff baby picture was the cutest?
  • Did you guess any of the staff baby pictures correctly?  If so, who?
  • What was so special about Dr Reeves in the story about Becca’s skateboard injury?
  • What are some things we worship that won’t sustain us?

After the sermon:

Discuss some practical things your family can do this coming year to apply today’s sermon to life.

  • What are some ways that YOU (individually) can worship God in 2021? (Give time for each person to answer).
  • What are some ways that WE (the whole family) can worship God together in 2021? 

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Start each day with prayer asking God to quiet life’s distractions and help you worship Him above all else.
  • Follow some worship bands on spotify (or whatever listening platform you use) and find a new song of praise to learn each month.
  • Worship God by drawing near to him through His word.  Ensure everyone has an age appropriate Bible, a reading plan to follow and scheduled time for reaching God’s word.
  • Make a prayerful commitment to strive to attend weekly worship services with Northside in person or online.
  • Have everyone share their favorite worship song, look up the lyrics to discuss the meaning and then work towards having each family member memorize it.

Wanna re-watch the Jesus is Born Luke 2:1-20 video?  Check it out here!