December 12, 2020

Get Out of the Building Box

Get Out of the Building Box

Sermon notes

God’s greatest expression of love in Jesus was never intended to be glued to a seat, restrained to a church building, or confined to a geographical location.

In fact one characteristic of the early church, inspired by Jesus’ ministry model was moving from religious activity to relational investment.

Zechariah’s song tells us:

  • Jesus redeems people
  • Jesus saves people
  • Jesus forgives people

When Jesus came, Jesus enabled us to serve him without fear.

We are saved to serve.  We do not serve to be saved.

The Word most closely associated with Christmas is not “Stay” it’s GO!

Getting out of the building box opens us up to the working of the Holy Spirit, and gives us a ticket to a front row seat to what God is doing in the world.