September 11, 2022

Follow the Pathway of Jesus

Follow the Pathway of Jesus

Sermon notes

Mark 1

Praying, fasting and abiding with the Father is critical to disciple making.

Jesus is calling us to move from following Jesus to helping others follow Jesus.

Jesus is inviting you to make your family and friends disciple makers who make disciples. Jesus wants to take you deeper from following Him to becoming fishers of men!

What is ‘MAWL’?

  • Model = you do 100%, they watch
  • Assist = you do 50%, they do 50%
  • Watch = they do 100%, you watch
  • Launch = they begin going and doing “MAWL” with others


  1. Enter New places where there are lost people
  2. Share the gospel
  3. Disciple those who believe
  4. Form them into new communities (churches)
  5. Develop leaders within the church and leaders to go out from the church.
  6. Repeat the process

Our mission is to connect people to Christ and one another by making disciple makers

Our vision is to multiply self-initiating, reproducing, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!

Our strategy:  We will follow in the footsteps of Jesus by going to the Lost and Broken, PRAYERFULLY engaging in this pathway:

  • I will enter the harvest field
  • I will share the gospel
  • I will make disciple makers
  • I will form churches
  • I will raise leaders.

Jesus’ mission was not to reach the world but to make disciples who were capable of reaching the world – Dann Spader

A disciple is more than someone saved by Jesus. A disciple is entrusted with the ministry of Jesus.