January 8, 2023

Flow Out

Flow Out

Sermon notes

When we are good stewards, what Flows out of our lives changes us & influences others with eternal implications.

Luke 16

The shrewd manager used money to gain friends for a temporary reward.

Shrewd believers use money to invest in people for an eternal reward!

The world uses more creativity in an effort to make money than Christians do to reach people for Christ.

When it comes to wealth:

  • You earn it honestly
  • You give it generously
  • You save it gradually
  • You spend it wisely
  • You enjoy it carefully

Jesus would add – Use it shrewdly for Kingdom purposes.

You have the 4 T’s:

  • You have time
  • You have talent (Gifts)
  • You have a testimony
  • You have treasure  (money, resources)

R.C. Trench wrote, “the world is better served by it’s servants, than God is by His.”

Are the people of the light outsmarting the people of this world? Or being outsmarted by them?

The problem is people who refuse to use their resources now to invest in people for eternal purposes refuse to do it later.

Who I am before I have enough will be who I am after.

Maybe you’ve been generous spontaneously, sporadically, sparingly. I want to challenge you to be generous consistently.