November 20, 2022

Disciple Making Groups

Disciple Making Groups

Sermon notes

Our mission is to connect people to Christ and one another by making disciple makers

Our vision is to multiply self-initiating, reproducing, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!

A tool for facilitating groups: 3/3rds

  • Look Back [1/3 of your time]: Care and prayer; vision casting; checking in
    • Give thanks
      • Gratitude improves our brain and physical health.
      • Gratitude creates happiness.
      • Gratitude is the antidote to toxic emotions
      • Gratitude improves relationships.
      • Gratitude opens the door to people and opportunities.
      • Gratitude is the evidence of spiritual maturity.
      • Gratitude pleases God and brings his blessing.
    • Share struggles and pray for one another
    • Vision: spend time focusing the group.
    • Checking-in
  • Look Up [1/3 of your time]
    • Pray
    • Read (listen) and discuss
  • Look Forward [1/3 of your time]
  • Pray. Obey. Train. Share.

Process is simple. Curriculum is the Bible. Teacher is the Holy Spirit. Priority is obedience and the result is multiplication.

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