January 28, 2024

Declaring Truth

Declaring Truth

Sermon notes

Deceptive ideas play to distorted desires, which are normalized in a sinful society.

A heart that is not set on the truth will live on lies.

Matthew 4:1-3

Places you need to fortify with truth: identity, desires, priorities and ego

Fortify your identity with truth

Matthew 4:3-4

Fortify your desires with truth

The enemy attacks when the flesh is needy.

BHALT – bored, hungry, angry, lonely, tired

The practice of fasting is starving the flesh and feeding the spirit.

Just because you have food in your stomach does not mean you are full.

Matthew 4:5-7

Fortify your priorities with truth

Matthew 4:8-10

Fortify your ego with truth

Our biggest problem isn’t that we tell lies; it’s that we live them.

The heart that is not set on truth will live on lies.

Live No Lies Resources

Scripture to memorize: Matthew 4:4

Practice: Lie/Truth/Declaration exercise

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