June 6, 2021

Cultivating Friendship

Cultivating Friendship

Sermon notes

“Christian discipleship is friendship.” Dr. John Perkins

Cultivating good friendships requires wisdom, work, and weeding.

Some of you are too busy to be good friends.


Wisdom asks that we consider our friendships when we decide where we go or live.

“If I had one piece of advice to a young man about a place to live, I think I should say, ‘sacrifice almost everything to live where you can be near your friends.’ I know I am very fortunate in that respect.” – C.S. Lewis; Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis

Be realistic.

Wisdom will also look like us understanding that deep friendships are sacred.

“If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend…” – Psalm 55:12-13



1. Talk Face to Face

2. Do Things Side by Side

“ Friends do things together. It’s not complicated. And the best part of friendship is not the doing  but the being. When you’re with good friends, just being together is more important than whatever it is you’re doing.”  Drew Hunter

3. Eat around a table

4. Encouragement from the Heart


Weeds in friendship

  • Us being inconsiderate
  • Relational strife
  • Gossip

 “The best advice for cultivating friendship is not to find a better friend but to become one.” Drew Hunter