August 6, 2023

Consumer to Contributor

Consumer to Contributor

Sermon notes

Two things that motivate us to serve:

  • What God commands
  • What God commands

Luke 19:17

The Master commands faithful service.

What’s rewarded is repeated.

1 Peter 4:7-11

Steward the grace you have received

Speak the words you have received

In order to serve by speaking what God has said, we must know what God as said.

Serve with the strength you have received.

Your spiritual gift is always about what will pursue and care for others.

“Accomplishing the mission of the church is the primary reason for discovering spiritual gifts.” William M. Easum

The quality of your “Yes’s” will determine the quantity of your “no’s”.”

Take responsibility for the intersections you already have, with the gifts you’ve already received, and faithfully steward God’s grace to others in that intersection.

Christ is glorified when Disciple Makers faithfully steward God’s gift of grace to others by serving wherever they are.

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