April 6, 2024

From Confused to Confident

From Confused to Confident

Sermon notes

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John 14:8

The journey is not to a destination but to a relationship.

John 14:9

John 14:7

Two proofs that Jesus and the Father are one: words and works

John 14:10-11

Proverbs 25:11 (MSG)

The path to knowing Jesus is to immerse yourself in the words of Jesus.

The second way that Jesus gives to know the father is to examine his works.

John 14:11

The reassurances Jesus gives in his final hours:

  • There is a place for you (14:3)
  • There is a path for you to follow (14:6)
  • There is away you can know the Father (14:9-11)
  • There is a direct line of communication in prayer (14:13-14)
  • There is a helper in the Holy Spirit coming to guide you (14:15-26)
  • There is peace, Jesus extends the peace that he has with what is about to happen with his followers (14:27)
  • There is confidence they can take in knowing that what is about to happen is not a surprise. (14:29)