November 13, 2022

Come and See

Sermon notes

John 1

We will be like Jesus as we reveal Him through a “come and see” spirit of invitation.

“In many of our nation’s most effective congregations, it’s not about hype or being hip. Given the relational hunger of today’s young people, one senior pastor summarized in a simple phrase what we have seen in church after church: Warm is the new cool.” Kara Powell

“Hospitality is key.” Dr. Gina Zurlo

What does a spirit of invitation look like?

  • Welcome
  • Accessibility
  • Ready
  • Meet people’s needs

“One of the best ways to meet people where they are is to serve people. When they ask where your joyful and sacrificial heart comes from, you get a chance to share the Gospel.” Rob, global worker

Stair-step approach

  • Allow normal conversations to become deeper conversations.
  • Allow deeper conversations to become spiritual conversations.
  • Allow spiritual conversations to lead to discovering God.