December 6, 2020

Get Out of the Affluence Box

Get Out of the Affluence Box

Sermon notes

The song starts:

I’ll be home for Christmas.
You can count on me.
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents _________

The Box of Affluence will lead you to think people with money have the best Christmas of all. That mindset will prevent you from seeing the best gift of all!

Two different mindsets when it comes to affluence

  1. Herod used his affluence for personal gain.
  2. The wise men used their affluence to bless others

When the wise men unboxed their treasures, they brought gifts that indicated who he truly was – the king of kings:

  • Gold was the gift for a king.
  • Frankincense was the gift for a priest.
  • Myrrh was the gift for burial

God is the perfect gift giver and his best gift is seen in the face of Jesus.

Christmas isn’t for the wealthy. Christmas is for those who seek after God.

Herod responded to Christmas with agitation.

The Magi responded to Christmas with adoration.