September 25, 2022

Abide & Pray

Abide & Pray

Sermon notes

John 15

First question: What is abiding?

Second question: What is the result of abiding?

  • You produce fruit. John 15:2
  • You get pruned. John 15:2
  • Your prayers are answered. John 15:7
  • You show yourself to be a disciple. John 15:8
  • You have deepening love for Christ and other believers. John 15:9, 12-13
  • You experience joy. John 15:11
  • You are called a friend of God. John 15:14

Third question: What is the result of not abiding?

  • You are cut off from God.
  • You are fruitless.
  • You can do nothing. 
  • You are thrown into the fire and burned.

They develop daily, weekly and monthly rhythms of abiding with Jesus.

  • They daily abide with Jesus in prayer.
  • They are weekly fasting, praying, going into the harvest and meeting as a church.
  • They are monthly spiritually retreating and training.

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