June 5, 2022

A Fire Within

A Fire Within

Sermon notes

Jeremiah 1:4

Jeremiah 1:5-14

Deep mental and emotional anguish

Jeremiah 9:1

People from his hometown threatened to kill him.

Jeremiah 11:18-19

God informs Jeremiah not to trust his own family.

Jeremiah was attacked with verbal abuse and a pit was dug to capture him.

Jeremiah was beaten with forty lashes and put in stocks at the upper gate of Benjamin by the priest.

Jeremiah sank into depression.

Jeremiah 20:14-18

Other false prophets in Jerusalem and Babylon opposed Jeremiah.

King Jehoiakim defied Jeremiah’s message, burned the scroll and ordered the arrest of Jeremiah and his scribe.

Jeremiah was arrested, charged with being a traitor, a Babylonian sympathizer, beaten and imprisoned a long time in a cell in a dungeon.

Jeremiah was thrown into a cistern where he sank in the mud.

Jeremiah’s word was rejected, and he was taken away by his own people to Egypt.

Why is my pain unceasing? (Jeremiah 15:18)

Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?   (Jeremiah 12:1)

Jeremiah 20:7

Jeremiah had the call of God in his life, the Word of God burning in his bones, and the power of God like a mighty warrior going before him.

Jeremiah 20:9-12

Hebrews 2:13

Jesus is calling you. If you listen, you’ll hear him ask for both your ability and your availability.

He asks some people to give up their occupations.  He asks others to give over their occupations.

God’s call often comes through others.

Asking Jesus to leave you alone is pointless.