Family Guide: April 5

Family Guide: April 5

Just for fun

See if you can answer these questions while you participate in the online service:

  • How many babies did the preacher show pictures of?
  • What two books of the Bible are referred to the most in today’s sermon?
  • What was the second worship song we sang, and what did it teach you?
  • Some really big numbers were mentioned in the sermon. Can you remember (or write down) one of them?

Before today’s sermon

Talk as a family (each person takes turns sharing) about some things you have liked about getting to worship from home. Then talk about what you miss about going to the church building for worship.

After today’s sermon

Review the actions from today’s sermon.

Think of someone who doesn’t know Jesus (or someone who you aren’t sure if they know Jesus) and pray for them.  Pray that God will use you, your family and other Christians to reach out to them with the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Discuss today’s sermon 

What does it mean to be “active participants in the mission of God”?

What does it look like in your own life to follow Jesus?

What are some ways you have been changed by Jesus?

What are some things we can do to bring others to Jesus?

Later this week 

Write a note to someone to encourage them.  You may want to choose the person you prayed for that doesn’t know Jesus yet.  Include a Bible verse. You may also want to invite them or others to our online Easter service next Sunday.

Read Matthew 28:16–20 and Acts 1:6–9 out loud.

  • What did Jesus tell His followers to do?
  • What did Jesus promise to send His followers to help them do what He commanded?
  • Why do you think Jesus made these His last words to His followers?
  • How can we spread the news about Jesus and help other people come to know God?