Family Guide: April 26

Family Guide: April 26

Just for fun

See if you can answer these questions while you participate in online services

  • What is the name and/or breed of the preacher’s dog? (Samson, Morkie)
  • Listen for Matthew 6:25 and summarize it in your own words.
  • What does the Greek word for anxiety mean? (To be pulled in different directions)
  • What was up with the ping pong balls? What do they help us to understand?

Before today’s sermon

Share a time from the past when you were really worried about something. Then reflect and ask yourself if what you were worried about was a real problem (something that actually happened) or something you imagined or feared would happen.  

After today’s sermon

Think about the specific worry you identified before the sermon. Now ask yourself if there is anything you might do differently next time to release that worry to God.  

Discuss today’s sermon

  • Review how we can deliver our anxious thoughts to God
    • Identify what you are feeling.
    • Release your anxious thoughts to God.
    • Filter what you think about.
  • Why do you think our worries feel heavy to us but not to God?

Later this week 

Follow up on today’s message about anxiety and worry by sharing this object lesson about worry. 

You’ll need a glass bowl filled with water, a small piece of foam and several stones to weight down the foam. Instructions, including discussion questions, are included in the leader guide below. Download the student page for your children to use as you share the lesson.

For preschool or Kindergarten students

Read “The Singer” in the Jesus Storybook Bible on page 228 or read Matthew 6 or 9, or Luke 12 from another children’s Bible to show a time when Jesus talked about worry.

Understanding emotions

In the Family Guide for April 19, Allen provided a great tool for helping you children identify their emotions along with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own “Engine Plates.” If you haven’t done this activity yet with your family, consider incorporating it into your weekly devotional time.

Additional resources 

How to talk to you child about the coronavirus

If your kids are worried about the coronavirus, download this resource from Ministry Spark for ideas on how to talk about the situation in way that reduces anxiety.

Action Bible Anytime Devotions

Currently, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in our world. But the one thing we can be certain of is God’s faithfulness! Be encouraged with this free download featuring 8 devotions from The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

Inside you’ll find verses, practical questions, life application, and simple prayers. Watch the Bible come to life as you dive into these topics:

  • When You’re Lonely
  • When Hope is Hard to See
  • For Impossible Times
  • When You’re Anxious
  • When You Feel Angry
  • When You Get Tired of the Rules
  • When You Feel Trapped
  • When You Think About Others

With practical life lessons and simple prayers, this download engages kids in active faith to face today’s tough issues as they learn how to connect with God anytime, anywhere. And, here are some additional ideas for responding to these devotions together, check out this article.