Family Guide: April 12

Family Guide: April 12

Just for fun

See if you can answer these questions while you participate in the online service:

  • Who were the first people who saw the empty tomb of Jesus? (Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and John)
  • There were two incredible stories of people who God brought from “death” to life. What are their names? (Sanjay & Ryan)
  • Write down the three words that complete this phrase – “Because Jesus rose so _____ I” (Can, Have, Will)
  • Who is our Easter offering going to, and what do they do? (Jim & Teri Riley – missionaries to Honduras)

Before today’s sermon

Find ways to give everyone in your family a high five or handshake without touching each other.  Then talk about today’s holiday – EASTER! Talk about what we are celebrating.  

After today’s sermon

Collect a few things that may remind your family this week of the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  Place them where everyone can see them. Give each person a turn to tell how each item reminds them of this part of God’s story.  Take turns telling the resurrection story in your own words.

Here are some ideas of items you could collect:

  • Something in the shape of a cross
  • A stone (like the one rolled away)
  • An empty plastic egg or empty box (representing the empty tomb)
  • A tennis shoe (Peter and John running to the tomb)
  • A piece of cloth (left in the tomb)
  • A flower (or other symbol of new life)

Discuss today’s sermon 

If Jesus has the power to rise from the dead, what other things does the Bible say he has the power to do?

We, too, can be raised to life by the power of the resurrection of Jesus. We go from being dead to alive, guilty to forgiven, and corrupt to brand new!  What are some new things we see each spring? How can we allow God to make us new?

What does it mean for us to have a “resurrection” story?

Later this week 

Read 1 Peter 1:3,  Romans 6:4 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 together, then take a walk (or a drive) and look outside for signs of new life this spring. Make a list. Talk about how God gives us signs of new life to remind us of the new life we can have through Jesus’s resurrection!