Family Guide: June 7

Family Guide: June 7

Just for fun

See if you can answer these questions while you participate in online services

  • What is your favorite instrument you heard and saw in worship today?
  • How many names or characteristics of God/Jesus can you identify in today’s worship songs?  (Example, King, Father, Lord) 
  • Did you laugh out loud at the funny video that was shown at the beginning of the sermon?
  • What books of the Bible are referenced in today’s sermon?

Before today’s sermon

Talk about how each person is unique and we learn in many ways..  What methods or environments help you learn?  Think of a time when you were excited to learn something new and share it..

Discuss today’s sermon

  • What does it mean to be a “True Blue Believer”?
  • Finish these phrases from today’s sermon and talk about each one:
    • Lifelong learners seek the t_________.
    • Lifelong learners stay humble and h_________.
  • Look through some resources below to help you continue to have conversations with your kids about racism.

Additional Resources to Keep The Conversation Going

Today’s sermon addressed the racism that exists in our culture right now and how we can learn from recent events.  Here are some resources that will help you talk to your kids about race from a Christian perspective. 

Online Articles

Kids Books