Family Guide: June 28

Family Guide: June 28

Just for fun

See if you can answer these questions while you participate in online services

  • From the first worship song, what are the four things that God is?
  • What color shirt is the preacher wearing?
  • Fill in the blank for the main idea of today’s sermon: The Early Church was devoted to _______.
  • What was your favorite part of the end of the year celebration video?

Before today’s sermon

Have everyone share something they have prayed about and/or how God has responded to that specific prayer.

After today’s sermon

Think of a bold prayer that your family can pray together today and each day this week.  Then watch for God to be at work in that situation.

Discuss today’s sermon 

Today we were challenged not just to make prayer a private experience between us and God but to also do what? (Pray together with God’s people)

What did Elijah pray for and how is that significant?

Why do you think that God wants us to be devoted to prayer?

Why do you think God wants us to pray boldly?

Later this week 

Make a prayer board in a central location in your home so that everyone can add prayers and everyone can practice praying for one another.  Set a time during the week like before dinner to take turns praying out loud for one another and for the things written on the prayer board.  Don’t worry about making a fancy prayer board, a sheet of paper on the fridge will do just fine.