What is Prayer.Global?

Simply put, Prayer.Global is a digital tool for facilitating strategic, Scripture-based prayer for the world. Prayer.Global seeks to encourage extraordinary prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission using technology.

Prayer.Global has broken the world down into 4,770 “states” based on geographical and governmental boundaries. When you access the site and click Start Praying, you will initiate a one-minute timer and then will be given a state to pray for. Each state prayer prompt includes demographic information about the area, its religious makeup, images and Scripture-based prayer prompts. Once you have prayed for that area, you can choose “next” and be given another prayer area, or you may finish your prayer time.

With this digital resource, you will be saying prayers you never said before, praying for people you never knew existed, and you and this world will be changed! 


How to launch Prayer.Global at your church

Contact the Prayer.Global team to setup a lap for your group

You will also be given a custom URL, QR code and more to use in promoting your prayer lap. The unique URL will connect your church family directly to your group’s prayer lap. Contact Prayer.Global to request a group challenge >>

Cast vision and set a goal for your church

Begin the Prayer.Global experience for your church by establishing a goal – a “why” – and casting vision about the importance of prayer in fulfilling the Great Commission. Extraordinary prayer is a foundational mark of all modern disciple making movements.

Why technology? God has used technology for the advance of His kingdom (i.e. written language, Roman roads, printing presses, etc.) throughout the ages. The Internet gives us unprecedented access to coordinate prayer for the nations. Prayer.global will guide our prayers so that we align our heart with God’s heart. It helps us pray what Jesus prayed in John 17:20 – for those who have yet to believe – so that God will engage our heart for a lost world and so that we can see a movement of God as workers go into the harvest field to make disciples. 

Sample goals

  • Make one prayer lap in one day – We want everyONE to pray for ONE state at a time until we make ONE lap around the world in ONE day. 
  • Make one prayer lap in one week – We want everyONE to pray for ONE state at a time until we make ONE lap around the world in ONE week. 

The best way to model the use of Prayer.Global is by incorporating a prayer time into a weekly gathering.


Promote in advance of your event

Give your church family advance notice of the upcoming Prayer.Global event to help encourage their participation and to help them be prepared to pray on the day of your event. Here is a proposed timeline for promotion.

  • Make an announcement the week before your event, if you plan to pray during your regular weekly Sunday gathering. At Northside, we used a combination of an announcement during our regular time and a mention by our lead minister at the start of his sermon.
  • Provide postcards in seat pockets and at exits to provide more information. Encourage people to bring a device with them.
  • Send an email at least 3 days before to cast vision and to encourage your congregation to download the Prayer.Global app. Include links to both app stores.
  • Send a text the day before the event with a link to Prayer.Global, if you have a texting service. This will help your church family have the link handy.

In pre-event promotion, we promoted only the Prayer.Global website and the links for downloading the app. We didn’t share our custom group URL until the day of the event. This helped ensure better tracking of how many people prayed with us during the event.


Hosting your Prayer.Global event

For us at Northside, it was important to give our Prayer.Global challenge prominence. We achieved that by giving it ample time in our service, from how it was set-up to the actual time spent in prayer. We recommend setting aside at least 10 minutes for prayer, plus about 5 minutes to cast vision and to equip your church family for participation.

We broke that down into getting people connected to the prayer lap, facilitating the actual prayer time and then providing next steps after it was completed. 

Getting people connected to your group’s prayer lap

  • Seat cards with the custom lap QR code along with steps for navigating to the website.
  • Display the QR code on your Worship Center screens or TVs.
  • Add a link – like a Pray Now button – to your church website.
  • Add the link to your online sermon notes.

Facilitating the group prayer time

For your prayer time, here are some best practices for how to facilitate that time for your group:

  • Segue into your prayer time by casting vision about what is about to happen.
  • Show how the Prayer.Global tool works by walking people through a prayer prompt using a screen share, presentation computer or through a video. Take the full minute to scroll through the prompts, demonstrating how to use the different pieces of information to guide your prayers.
  • Provide time for people to get out their devices, scan the codes and to be ready to go. Give the go ahead to start praying and start the countdown timer.
  • As the end of your prayer time approaches, give a one minute warning. 
  • Close the time in prayer to give people time to finish the state they are in.
  • If possible, provide an update about how many states your group prayed for during that time. You can use the display map to showcase this or provide that information to a host or worship minister to share when they come on stage.

Download the Prayer.Global Talking Points >>

Provide next steps

How do you encourage continued prayer for the nations? Help people brainstorm ways they can use the Prayer.Global app moving forward. Some ideas include:

  • Complete 1 or 2 prayers before going to bed or putting your kids to bed.
  • Finish your Bible reading time with 1 or 2 prayers.
  • Add 1 or 2 prayers before each meal time.
  • Incorporate 1 or 2 prayers into your weekly Life Group meeting.
  • Invite someone to pray with you by sharing about the app.


  • Set a specific amount of time for prayer. We focused on 10 minutes, with the goal of everyone praying for about 7 states during that time.
  • Recruit a few technology helpers to be positioned around the room when your prayer time begins. They can help people troubleshoot any issues with their device or accessing the correct prayer lap.
  • Encourage people to pray out loud, model this from the stage and play some soft music during the prayer time. This will help the room not feel empty while also encouraging participation. 
  • Show a prayer prompt session on the main screens so those without devices can pray along, too.
  • If possible, make a few devices available for those who may not have one with them. We used iPads and laptops.

After the event

Based on how your group ended your prayer experience, provide follow up information, texts or emails to encourage people to keep praying and to celebrate once your lap is complete.


What is a state?

States, counties, provinces, parishes, etc. – there is no completely consistent way to name geographical regions within countries. Prayer.Global uses geographical, diplomatic and governmental boundaries to divide the world’s 195 countries into 4,770 states.

What do the icons mean?

As you navigate through a prayer prompt, you will see people icons in a variety of colors. Red represents unbelievers; yellow represents nominal cultural Christians, and green represents believers.

Am I just praying for unreached people groups?

No, the 4,770 states represent all countries and people groups in the world. At the bottom of the prayer prompt, you will see a highlight from an unreached people group who lives in that area, this includes people groups who have immigrated or are currently living as refugees in that area.

Where is the faith status data coming from?

The Prayer.Global website uses information from The Joshua Project to build their database.

How do I start my own group?

Contact Prayer.Global to request your own group lap.