Week 5: The Lies we Believe about Money – My Money is for Me

Sermon date: February 11, 2024



Complete the Lies We Believe About Money exercise >>

Download the PDF handout.

3/3rds groups

Scripture for study: Proverbs 3:9-19 and 2 Chronicles 31

If your group is following the 3/3rds model, download the 3/3rds format guide here.

Additional Life Group Questions

Scripture for study:Proverbs 3:9-19 and 2 Chronicles 31

Use the questions below if your group is not doing the 3/3rds model or if you need more questions for your Looking Up or Looking Forward time.

  • How do you gauge success? Earnings? Education? Toy? Good name? Leisure time?
  • This chapter introduces us to the first use of short, isolated, seemingly unrelated bits of wisdom called “proverbs.” We tend to seize on these “promise” verses, either hopefully or critically, but often out of context. Verse 10 is a case in point: What is this promise based on? What does it mean to honor the Lord with your finances – gratitude? Trust? Tithing from the cream of the crop? Investing in the Lord’s work?
  • How does the Lord’s discipline (vv. 11-12) related to his blessing? What other blessing is to be prized beside the material one?
  • Which one of the promises and warnings seem to have “your name” on it?