Week 1: The Father of Lies

Sermon date: January 14, 2024

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Set an alarm each day of this week to ask God this question: God, what truth might I be resisting from you and what lies might I be believing from the evil one?

Keep a journal with your responses. Meditate, integrate and review daily, and then again at the end of the week.

3/3rds groups

Scripture for study: John 8:31-47

If your group is following the 3/3rds model, download the 3/3rds format guide here.

Additional Life Group Questions

Scripture for discussion: John 8:31-47

Use the questions below if your group is not doing the 3/3rds model or if you need more questions for your Looking Up or Looking Forward time.

  • Where did your ancestors come from? How did they get to this country?
  • In your family tree, who do you look to as a spiritual patriarch or matriarch?
  • What does Jesus want to emphasize to the people who believed in Him? What does he mean by disciples? Truth? Freedom?
  • What does He say is the ultimate test to show who “belongs to God” (verses 42-47)?
  • What has knowing the truth set you free to do? How can you be sure that there is room in your life for His Word? What needs to be cleaned out so there is room?
  • What does Jesus’ association between the devil and telling lies mean to you? From this passage, what can you do for someone who is honestly seeking God?

Children and Family Resources for Jan. 14

If you joined online today due to the weather, you can facilitate worship with your kids this morning with these resources from N’Side Kids: