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HomeFront Weekly & Family Fun Time

These parent resources are designed to help parents be the spiritual leaders of their children.  It’s not about doing more but about working God into the time you already spend with your kids.  Each HomeFront Weekly  (parents of 1st-6th graders) & Family Fun Time page (parents of PreK-K kids) is specifically intended to be used in the home prior to each week’s lesson in N’side Kids (1st-6th Grade) and in Critter Land (PreK-K)

You can receive HomeFront Weekly & Family Fun Time pages by bookmarking this web page or by picking up a printed copy at the downstairs check-out station.

Week of HomeFront Weekly (N’side Kids) Family Fun Time (Critter Land)
Feb 23 2-23-20 2-23-20
Mar 1  3-1-20 3-1-20
Mar 8  3-8-20 3-8-20
Mar 15 3-15-20 3-15-20
Mar 22  3-22-20 3-22-20
Mar 29  3-29-20 3-29-20

HomeFront Magazine

This resource is designed to give you an entire month’s worth of activities, games, recipes and stories to help you have conversations with your kids about God and His word.  Since we cannot create faith in the life of a child, our job is to create environments where the Holy Spirit can work in the life of your child. Check out https://homefrontmag.com/

The ten environments we focus on are as follows:

  1. Storytelling: God has a big story and I can be a part of it.
  2. Identity: I belong to God and He loves me!
  3. Faith community: God’s family cares for each other and worships God together.
  4. Serving: Asks the question, “What needs to be done?”
  5. Out of the comfort zone: God transforms me when I step out in faith.
  6. Responsibility: God has entrusted me with the things and people He created around me.
  7. Course correction: When I get off track, God offers me a path of healing.
  8. Love and respect: God fills me with His love so I can give it away.
  9. Knowing: God knows me and I can know him.
  10. Modeling: I see Christ in others, and they can see Him in me.

Using HomeFront Mag is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pick a day and time that works well for your entire family.  Commit to building this time into your family’s natural rhythm. It might be best to build this time around a meal.
  2. Look through the Homefront Monthly and see what stands out. Choose one or two experiences you would like to incorporate into your family times this week. Don’t feel burdened to complete all activities at once, but carefully select which ones will fit your family best and do them this month.
  3. Remember to HAVE FUN! Strive to make each gathering unique to your own family as you enjoy spending time with God and each other.

You can also pick up a printed copy each month at the downstairs check-in desk.