How to pray for and support earthquake relief in Haiti

How to pray for and support earthquake relief in Haiti

On Saturday, August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the small island country of Haiti. As of today (August 17), the death toll has reached 1,400 with thousands more injured and displaced. Recovery and relief efforts are underway but tropical storms in the area are complicating the process, causing more damage and uncertainty to the area.

2020 and 2021 had already been tumultuous years for the country, as its people continue to deal with COVID-19 and the political instability stemming from the July assassination of their president. Summarized from an article in Christianity Today, the point below highlight ways you can strategically pray for the nation of Haiti. We’ve also included the links to a couple of global connections, if you are looking for ways to give financially. 

How to pray for Haiti as originally shared by Christianity Today:

The full article, which features interviews of Haitian leaders, can be found here.

“Please pray for:

  • Safe transportation of humanitarian relief and equitable distribution of help to all the victims.
  • Powerful witness of Christian compassion during the crisis.
  • Generous contributions to arrive in a timely fashion for rebuilding, including for damaged churches.
  • Limited greed and misuse of funds and relief materials.
  • Vision and political will for local authorities so they seek primarily the welfare of the people.
  • Political breakthrough and stability through meaningful negotiations among political groups and civil society so that the nation can go forward after the assassination of the president.
  • That credible and experienced citizens in-country and in the diaspora are raised and find visibility as potential political leaders for the nation.
  • Protection from rain and tropical storm that are expected this week.”

“Please offer thanksgiving for:

  • Lives spared because the earthquake happened during daytime.
  • Communications networks did not go down and information was able reach the outside world quickly.
  • Major Christians organizations like Compassion, World Vision, MAF, Federation of Protestant Churches, and the Haiti Evangelical Fellowship of Churches.”

These Haitian leaders also shared about a need for a humanitarian corridor to get needed supplies from Port-au-Prince to the affected area. The only road between the two areas requires travel through a town controlled by a gang. “Pray that God clears a passageway through this so aid can flow freely,” said Perkins, assistant to the president, Seminar de Theologie Evanglique de Port-au-Prince.

Organizations providing earthquake relief

Several organization, including a long-standing global connection of Northside, were already on the ground in Haiti helping with community development. They are transitioning into relief efforts at this time. You can learn more about the work they are doing in Haiti and how you can partner with them financially at the following links: