Northside Disc Golf Course

Welcome to Northside’s Disc Golf Course! The course begins at the back corner of our parking lot. See the course description on UDisc >>

Download the course map here.

Course rules

  • Course is open daily from dawn to dusk. Play at your own risk.

  • Pack it in. Pack it out.

  • No alcohol, tobacco, vaping or drugs.

  • This course is family friendly. Refrain from using profanity or offensive language.

  • Play smart. Never throw when players are within range.

  • Respect the course. No littering, graffiti or abuse of equipment or flora.

  • Represent the sport. Be positive and responsible. Teach others.

Pray Through Experience

As you play through this Disc Golf Course, feel free to pray at the beginning of each hole with the provided guide. You can also scan the QR code on each sign, and it will direct you to a web page with a variety of prayer guides. Feel free to “pray through” this course as an individual or with a group.

Looking for more ways to pray? Here are some additional ideas >>