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The truth is, God created each one of us with a crazy and beautiful blend of talents, interests, and spiritual gifts that are meant to be used to reach others with God’s truth, and to make a difference in their lives.

Time, Talent, Treasures

We are not interested in doing church; we want to be the church. Therefore, you will find at Northside people using their time, their talent and their treasures to connect people to Christ and one another. Northside is a healthy church because people give their time, talent and treasure to make a significant impact in the Kingdom.

Get Involved

Because we are a growing church, we continually have new volunteer needs where you can get involved so that together we may reach those who God sends through the doors. God has chosen you to serve and through your actions, attitudes and words, you will impact the Kingdom of God and the loves of His people for eternity.

4 questions to ask yourself before contributing to a ministry:

  1. What are my gifts? Get help discovering your spiritual gift by taking the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.
  2. What are my abilities? Think through what resources you have to offer.
  3. What are my passions? Your passion is what you enjoy doing.  It is what makes your heart beat faster.
  4. What needs to be done?  A servant will “jump in” when he or she sees a need.  They are ready to be helpful.