Baptism Sunday

This fall at Northside we are journeying through the Book of Acts. Throughout Acts, we see the first believers responding by the thousands by repenting and being baptized.

On Sept. 24, we will be in Acts 2, where more than 3,000 were baptized in response to the unleashing of the Holy Spirit. And, we want to make that same opportunity available for you!


We are calling this our “baptism Sunday” not because we don’t encourage baptisms every Sunday (we do!), but because if you have not yet been baptized or lack confidence (good conscience) about a former baptism, we want to ask you, “What is holding you back from being baptized?” We are making time in every service for baptisms, and we’ll even stay after church for those who may want to come back and be baptized.

Have you felt God’s prompting? Now is the time to do it.

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