We all need reminders. The truth is, we forget too easily. Many times, we even forget things that we feel are most important.  Most parents will space out on their kids’ names. We misplace the checkbook, the car keys, and maybe even even let a birthday or anniversary slip by unnoticed…until we see that “look” on our spouse’s face!  God knows we forget. Because we have spiritual amnesia, God has given us this season of Advent as a way to remember the work of God in our lives.

What is Advent?

Advent comes from the Latin word aventus which means “coming.”  This Latin word is the translation of the Greek word parouisa which is commonly used to refer to the Second Coming of Christ in the New Testament.  This is the two fold perspective and purpose of Advent: 1) to prepare and anticipate the coming of the babe, Jesus, heir of David’s throne and promised Messiah, 2) to be on alert for the Second Coming of the Son of God, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Over the next several weeks, you will be guided to recall what God has already done for you in Jesus Christ, as well as look forward to what He will continue to do in you and through you.

About the Advent Guide

This guide is meant to be a tool to direct your thoughts and prayers.  This is not meant to replace a daily time of Bible reading and prayer, but to supplement that time.  For many, a daily time of Bible reading and prayer is private.  This guide can be used in private, but it is intended to be experienced in community.  Gather with your family, spouse, friends, neighbors, small groups, or community and work through the guide communally.  Though not necessary, we believe it’s the best way to experience Advent.

Download the 2017 Advent Guide.

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