Delayed gratification is certainly an art. Why wait for something we can have now? For that, our culture has invented microwaves, credit cards, and even Netflix adds entire seasons of a show at a time so we don’t have to wait from week to week to follow a story. But we reap a greater reward when we give something the time it deserves–a good marinade or a vacation for which we’ve been saving for years.

About Advent

Advent is like the marinade of the Christmas season. It starts four weeks before Christmas to prepare our hearts for the true revelation of Christmas–a small child who came to bring hope, peace, love, joy, and light to the world.

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word Adventus and literally means “coming.” During these four weeks, Advent reminds us to anticipate the coming of our great King. This anticipation is twofold: It prepares us for the first coming of the Christ child–a baby born of a virgin, the promised Savior. And it keeps us ready for his second coming–the moment when Christ returns to restore perfection and righteousness to our broken world.

Celebrating Advent with your friends, family

This booklet is meant to be a guide, not a prescription of do’s and dont’s. We encourage you to use it to help prepare your heart for the coming of Christ that we celebrate at Christmas.

This Advent guide is intended to be experienced in community. Gather with your family, spouse, friends, neighbors, small groups, or community and work through the guide communally. It’s not imperative, but we believe it’s the best way to experience the material.

You can pick up an Advent Guide on Sunday mornings or download the PDF version for online viewing. A digital version will also be available beginning Sunday, Nov. 27, through the NCC Springfield App. A limited number of candle sets will be available (donation requested) on Sunday mornings, as well.

Download Advent Guide

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