Our Team

The staff team at Northside is truly team-minded. We value and celebrate the differences between us knowing that, collectively, we are stronger because of them. We make healthy relationships with other staff a priority. We are team contributors. The vision and mission at Northside is more important than our personal preferences, desires or interests, because anyone who views their ministry as separate from the others creates an unhealthy environment in the church.

We are committed to working hard. We are committed to speaking positively on behalf of other staff members. We are committed to family ministry regardless of our specific roles in ministry because when one part of the faith family is affected, it is felt by all the others. Our common purpose in ministry is to connect people to Christ and one another! When we say team mindedness, we really mean it.

Our Staff Team

Wayne Bushnell
Lead Minister
Shown with wife Kim
Serving since 1994
Corey Scott
Worship Minister
Shown with wife Leah
Serving since 2003
John Presko
Small Groups Minister
Shown with wife Brenda
Serving since 2009
Allen Tyger
College/Young Adult Minister
Shown with wife Bre
Serving since 2011
Kevin Punch
Youth Minister
Shown with wife Allison
Serving since 2007
Tiffany Blum
Children’s Minister
Shown with husband Ryan
Serving since 2007
Bethany Buffington
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Shown with husband Doug
Serving since 2010
Helen Myers
Administrative Assistant
Serving since 1990
Nathan Pounds
Youth Ministry Assistant
Shown with wife Nicole
Serving since 2015
Lori Weaver
Administrative Assistant
Serving since 2012
Jessica Clements
Director of Communications
Shown with husband Ryan and son Calvin
Serving since 2014


Our Elder Team

Northside follows the biblical model of plurality of leadership. The elders at Northside Christian Church possess the spiritual qualities as listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They are the Elders, Shepherds and Overseers of the church (Acts 20:17-31). They possess the 4 C’s of Northside Leadership: Call, Character, Competency & Community. The staff team is under the authority of the elders. The elders protect and oversee the church while empowering the staff to lead the church.

Gary Bishop pictured with wife Jenny & children Lauren and Kyle
John Colvett pictured with wife Joy and family
Greg Stephenson pictured with wife Vicky
Charles Vandivert pictured with wife Debbie